Windows 10

This article describes how to change the letter assigned to a drive (disk) in Windows.

(!) Changing a drive letter may harm your applications that use this drive letter. Before doing this, please make sure no applications are tied to the drive letter that you are going to change.

Do the following to chang the letter:

  1. Right-click on Start -> Computer. Click Manage:


1. You try to install Agent for Windows on a Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016.

2. Installation fails with an error 

%1 is not a valid Win32 application

3. Installation log contains an error similar to the following one:

MSI_TRACE(tib): Failed to install: status 193.  

Create a login and password for backing up to network share

How to create full Windows memory dumps


This article describes how to upgrade multiple Windows 7 machines to Windows 10 preserving user profiles and applications settings by using combination of Microsoft User State Migration Tool (USMT) and Acronis Snap Deploy 5 solutions.

1. High-level overview

This section contains high level description of the steps required to complete the migration process. The exact details required for automation of the process will be disclosed in corresponding later sections of this guide.


Windows 10, starting with version 1803, includes Windows Defender Exploit Guard, a new security layer in addition to the standard Windows Defender Antivirus.


Entire PC backups in Acronis True Image started to fail with error "Unknown status" after Windows Sandbox feature of Windows 10 was enabled.

Windows Sandbox is an optional feature in Windows 10 that appeared in May 2019 Update (Version 1903). It is not enabled automatically. One has to mark the corresponding checkbox in Windows Features list.


You try to start Acronis Disk Director, but it fails with the following error message:

Can not connect to 'localhost'.

Code: 5.242.881 (0x500001)

Message: Failed to obtain parameter 'Windows name'.

Code: 1.311.724 (0x1403EC) 

Message: WMI 'ConnectServer' failed.


Code: 1.311.726 (0x1403EE)

Message: Enumerating WMI Class Objects Failed. 


You install Acronis True Image on a Windows 10 machine (physical or virtual) that has Storage Spaces set up in the system.

Disks that are a part of Storage Space are not recognized by Acronis True Image.


Product limitation. Acronis True Image does not support Storage Spaces.



  1. Installation of Acronis True Image on Windows 10 fails with the following error:

    1% is not a valid Win32 application

  2. Installation log contains an error similar to the following one:

    CustomAction MsiTibInstall_TibApiDll__I returned actual error code 1603


  1. Device appears offline in Protection Console. 
  2. When you check Acronis services on the machine, Acronis Agent Core service is stopped and fails to start (without any changes on machine, updates, etc)
  3. Aakore logs contain errors similar to:

    C:\\ProgramData\\Acronis\\Agent\\var\\aakore\\host-alias.yaml': yaml: control characters are not allowed"}


Backup that includes OneDrive folder fails with an error similar to one of the following:

Failed to enumerate directory 'C:/Users/myusername/OneDrive/'. It may be corrupted or does not exist

Failed to back up file or folder 'C:/Users/myusername/OneDrive/'.It may be blocked by another application

Error occurred while opening the file


This article explains how to temporarily turn off Windows Defender Antivirus in case it conflicts with Acronis software on Windows 10, e.g. prevents successful software installation or update/upgrade.

HAR (HTTP Archive format) is a log of a web browser's interaction with a site. This information is required for troubleshooting web console issues in Acronis products.

HAR log should be collected from the machine from which you are trying to connect to web console. Acronis Agent or other Acronis Backup components are not required for HAR log collection.


Memory integrity is a Windows security feature that makes it difficult for malicious programs to use low-level drivers to hijack your computer. The feature is not compatible with "tib.sys" driver which is included in Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office/ Acronis True Image. Starting with the build #40107, Try&Decide feature is not installed by default.


When a backup ends with an error status (backup is not created), the software displays a short error message in the product interface, and writes the details in a text log file (“full log”).

To see the short error message do either of the following: