Windows Server Essentials / Windows SBS

Collect the log and send it to Acronis Support for investigation

There are two registry tweaks specific to Windows 2003 servers which will improve performance under certain conditions. These changes are recommended for our customers who have:

  • A large number of files shared out.
  • Folders containing a lot of items (browsing large folders).
  • A lot of users or if the server is under heavy load.
  • Background processes that monitor the file system for changes such as Windows Search.


Create a new user account manually and specify it as MMS user during installation.

Check network connection and IP address.

The XML file that you are trying to import is not a backup plan or it is corrupted

Check the license key and connection to the remote Acronis License Server

List of system requirements for Acronis Backup & Recovery 11

How to set up user permissions on centralized vaults

How to install Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 Advanced over Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Build 11639 (U2) or higher

This guide describes how to handle problems with Acronis Nonstop Backup operation, such as failure to start or errors during execution.

Acronis Nonstop Backup provides protection of your disks and files. It allows you to recover entire disks, individual files and their different versions.

This article is an overview of the problems that may be encountered during the Nonstop Backup operation. It also includes practical steps on correctly identifying and resolving them.

During installation of Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 on a MS Windows Server 2003 or MS Windows Small Business Server 2003 with MS Exchange 2003 on it, the checkbox to install the Agent for Exchange is grayed out. To fix this, a Windows registry key has to be modified.

Download an install the latest version of Windows Installer on the target machine

Make sure you have ports 9876 and 25001 open

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Backup Advanced 11.5 (Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5)
  • Acronis Backup & Recovery 11



  1. You start remote installation of Acronis components.
  2. Installation fails with the following error messages:

    Failed to get information about remote machine

    Failed to connect to the service

    Failed to connect to Windows service


You need to free up additional disk space or change location of temporary files

Acronis Backup 11.5/11.7 Agent for Exchange supports the following versions of Microsoft Exchange Server:

When performing a recovery of an Windows XP or 2003 Server system with a change from IDE to AHCI makes the system unbootable after succesfull recovery. To fix this issue, use an older Intel storage driver.

How to install Acronis Backup and Recovery 11 Standalone

Recovery of an MS Exchange storage group or database fails with error "The path cannot be the root directory.”. To work around use, a directory other than root

Affected environments: 

The issue happens on the following operating systems when when the SHA2/SHA256 support patches from Microsoft have not been installed, or have been installed only recently (after encountering problems with backups):


When you try to assign an Acronis Cyber Protect license for Windows Server Essentials to a machine with Windows Server 2022 Essentials, the operation fails with:

There is no free license suitable for the device.


Backup or a different operation with Windows Server 2022 Essentials machine fails with

The protection plan cannot be run as the device has no license

List of Acronis products that support Windows Small Business Server 2011