web console


You try to add a machine to Management Server or switch between tabs in web console. You receive the following message:

Internal Server Error

Code: 100011

You can also check the message in the error details to get more information about the issue.


This is a generic error message that can be caused by various environment issues.


When logging in the Backup Console after installation you see the following error:

Internal Server Error | Error code 100011 

The following error can be found in the Event log or in C:\ProgramData\Acronis\LicenseServer\bootstrap.log:


You try to access the backup console by entering the login page address into the web browser address bar or by clicking on Acronis Cyber Backup shortcut.

After you specify the required credentials, web browser does not connect to Management Console. Possible errors are:

After install or update to build 14240 attempt to open backup console in browser results to showing blank blue page, window with login and password request is not shown. Browser language is any other than English.