1. You want to browse backup contents in Windows Explorer, either for recovery purposes or just checking what is inside a particular backup.
  2. You locate the corresponding .tib file and double-click it.
  3. Backup opens, but files and folders are not displayed.


Recent versions of Acronis True Image have brought a new backup format: tibx. The format of local backups can be easily figured out by looking at the backup file's name extension, whether it is the new .tibx or older .tib.

If the backup is stored in Acronis Cloud, the product's user interface does not display the used format anywhere and does not allow to change it. This article explains how to find out the format of backup, stored in Acronis Cloud.


You created a backup in Version 11 backup format (file extension .tib) using Agent version 26986 or earlier.

Then you updated the Agent to build 27147 or newer and run the backup to the same archive.

Backup fails with:

Archive with the same name already exists