Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 supports tape libraries, autoloaders, SCSI and USB tape drives

List of operating systems Acronis True Image Home 2011 supports

Remote connection from Acronis Management Console to a machine booted from Acronis Backup & Recovery WinPE is not supported

Please use server versions of Acronis products for server operating systems

List of operating systems Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 components support

Acronis Agent for Hyper-V is unable to back up virtual machines (or virtual drives) if the virtual drives storage is allocated on a CSV organized under Windows 2008 R2 environment

Instructions on how to enable Microsoft native VSS instead of the default Acronis VSS in Acronis Backup & Recovery 10

As a workaround, disable the VSS support in Acronis True Image Echo

The list of Microsoft SQL Server Versions that can be backed up with Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server

List of file systems Acronis True Image Home 2012 supports

Acronis True Image Home 2012 supports backup and restore of Windows 7 Libraries

Acronis True Image Home Plus Pack supports dynamic disks or disks with GUID partition tables (GPT). Acronis True Image Home does not

Acronis True Image Home 2012 supports nonstop backup to NAS

Internal disks and locally attached USB drives with NTFS file system are supported

List of operating systems Acronis True Image Home 2012 supports

Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail and Windows Live are supported

List of FTP servers that have been tested to work with Acronis True Image Home 2012

Windows VHD, Acronis Snap Deploy, Acronis True Image, and Acronis Backup & Recovery files are supported

Acronis Snap Deploy 4 does not support Network Address Translation (NAT)

Acronis products do not support Itanuim platforms

Only Windows operating systems are supported

Acronis vmProtect 7 supports all guest operating systems supported by VMware

Acronis Agent for ESX/ESXi does not support free VMware ESXi. Acronis Agent for ESX/ESXi supports VMware ESX as a component of VMware Infrastructure Foundation, VMware Infrastructure Standard, VMware Infrastructure Enterprise

The component supports recovery of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Home Server 2011.

List of file systems True Image 2013 supports

True Image 2013 supports backup and restore of Windows 7 Libraries

This article applies to:


  1. Using Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange, you are performing a mailbox backup or recovery;
  2. The operation fails with one of the following error messages:

    Method ATTACH_BY_(2) is not supported
    Method ATTACH_BY_(3) is not supported
    Method ATTACH_BY_(4) is not supported


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