Log into your account in the product, select the subscription that you want to reassign

You already have one Acronis Backup and Security 2011 license assigned to three machines

One licenses gives subscription for 1 year for 3 physical machines

One licenses gives subscription for 1 year for 3 physical machines

Your subscription has expired. Please extend your Acronis Online Backup subscription

The online backup subscription is annual

Make sure you have an account at the Acronis website, then log into your account through the product

Make sure you have an account at the Acronis website, then log into your account through the product

How to activate your complimentary 5GB subscription for Acronis True Image 2014 

This article describes that the trial and full subscription must match.

To fix the issue update to the latest build of Acronis Backup

You can upgrade your online storage quota to 350 GB or 1000 GB at the expense of the subscription period or by paying

When your Acronis Backup to Cloud subscription is about to expire and you want to continue backing up to cloud, you need to renew the subscription.

If you want to upgrade an Acronis Backup product to Acronis Backup 12, see this article.

You can receive upgrade licenses to Acronis Backup 11.7 if you have a valid Acronis Advantage Standard/Premier support program.

If you do not have a valid support program, you can purchase upgrade licenses for Acronis Backup 11.7.

Acronis True Image is available in three packs (tiers): 1 computer, 3 computers, 5 computers.

If you have a 1-computer subscription, you can upgrade to a 3-computer or a 5-computer subscription. A 3-computer subscription can be upgraded to a 5-computer subscription.

To upgrade to a 3-computer subscription, you need to purchase an Acronis True Image (Advanced or Premium) for 3 computers. Three 1-computer subscriptions cannot be automatically summed up into a 3-computer subscription.

If you use the subscription-based version of Acronis True Image 2018/2019/2020, you can manage the licenses manually at the Acronis website.

1. Go to, and then sign in with your Acronis account.

2. In the Products section, find Acronis True Image Premium or Advanced, and then click Manage:


You have Acronis True Image 2020, the standard edition of Acronis True Image. You want to upgrade your edition to an edition with cloud storage or premium features.

This information helps you decide what edition to choose:

You can reassign a cloud backup subscription from one machine to another, provided that you use the same online backup account.

  1. Start Acronis Backup on the machine to which you want to reassign an existing activated subscription, and click Actions -> Activate online backup subscription:

To be able to back up a machine to the online storage, you need to purchase and activate a subscription to the Acronis Backup to Cloud (Acronis Backup & Recovery Online) service.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot Subscription Activation Issues:

1. Prerequisites

Complete all steps before proceeding to error troubleshooting step.

1.1. Product matches subscription

To be able to use Acronis Backup to Cloud (Acronis Backup & Recovery Online) subscription Acronis software should be installed.


If you purchased a subscription product from Acronis, you may need to change your payment details, e.g if the credit card used for payments expires or you simply want to use a different payment method.

Summary: registration process at the official Acronis web site

These alerts notify you that your subscription license will expire soon or has expired.

How to purchase or upgrade Acronis Online Backup subscription

How to subscribe or unsubscribe to Acronis Newsletters or E-mail offers