How to back up databases using Acronis True Image Server for Linux

This article describes the compatibility of Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server with other Acronis products

This warning message means that the recovery model of the selected database is Simple, so there are no transaction logs to back up

Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server Assistant lets one define backup strategy and backup creation parameters without special technical knowledge or DBA skills

The problem is in incorrect SSL certificate generation for intercomponent connections of Acronis products. As workaround, try disabling SSL encryption

Add the NETWORK SERVICE user to security policies to solve the issue

How to install Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server

SQL Express SP3 conflicts with Windows XP SP2. Install SP3 or hotfixes from Microsoft to resolve the issue

The list of Microsoft SQL Server Versions that can be backed up with Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server

These errors are caused by the tasks that no longer exist. Use the below instructions to delete records about these tasks from Acronis Scheduler

It is recommended to use Acronis Backup & Recovery for database backups

Table of operating systems supported by older Acronis products

The list of operating systems Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server supports

The issue has been fixed, please update to the latest build. As workaround delete the SQL Express base or a separate SQL Express instance.

Adding a machine to the Acronis Management Server fails with "The machine has already been registered". However the machine is not in the Acronis Management Server

Supported Microsoft SQL Server high-availability configurations

MS SQL Server 2005/2008/2008R2/2012/2014 are supported

Moving the Acronis Management Server directly is not possible, however there are a few steps that could assist you.

While performing a single-pass backup from SQL instance, you receive this error. To solve this issue make sure, that the SQL instance accepting remote connections or remove database mirroring prior to restore.


You need to free up additional disk space or change location of temporary files

To fix the issue, edit Windows Registry or download and replace a DLL file