Installing or updating C21.11 or C21.12 agent on CloudLinux7.9 or CloudLinux8.5 (8.x) fails to (re)build snapapi26 and snumbd26 kernel modules. This happens after the latest updates to CloudLinux 7.9 and 8.5 (8.x in general).  trueimage-setup.log contains an error from DKMS about the use of deprecated feature: REMAKE_INITRD in the dkms.conf files of the agent's kernel modules.

You have Agent for Linux with cPanel/Plesk integration. This Agent is an old build and you want to update it to the new build 22750.

It briefly changed status to Upgrading in Cyber Protect Console, then returned to previous state without producing any errors. 

In installation logs, you can find this error:

Mount points of kernel module 'snumbd26' are detected. Unmount them manually, and then repeat the installation.