Older builds of Acronis True Image Echo Server for Linux and Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server Linux Agent have the SNAPAPI module that does not support kernels 2.6.24 or higher

Download and install the latest build of Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 to solve the issue

Current SNAPAPI module of Acronis True Image Echo Server for Linux and Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server Linux Agent cannot be compiled on Ubuntu 8.04 and higher

First install Acronis drivers, then Acronis True Image Home, and only then RamPhantom to resolve the compatibility issue

There can be two different causes: the volume you choose is encrypted by TrueCrypt, or there is a malfunction of Acronis low-level drivers due to incorrect registry value

This compatibility issue has been fixed

Installation of Acronis Product Fails with "SnapAPI installation completed - 0x430 or - 1072" in MSI Log. Reboot the machine in order to restart the installation.

Acronis True Image hangs when there is Kidswatch Time Control installed on the machine

Acronis True Image does not recognize hard drives when there is HP Backup & Recovery installed

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Backup Software
  • (!) Modern HP machines have preinstalled Cyberlink Recovery Manager instead of HP Backup & Recovery.

    All current Acronis products have no compatibility issues with Cyberlink Recovery Manager.

Try running Checkdisk and updating Acronis drivers to resolve the issue

Compiling the necessary SnapAPI modules for Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 fails on Red Hat Linux Enterprise (RHEL) 5.4 and CentOS 5.4 systems

How to collect the log of SnapAPI drivers in Windows

Download and install the latest build. If you already have the latest build, run the installation file and hit "Repair"

Maximum partition/volume size supported by Acronis software

How to request the log of SnapAPI drivers in Windows

If Acronis product reports that it has not found any hard disks in Windows, the issue is probably in third party software blocking access to hard disks

Description of the Acronis SnapAPI module

How to collect logs of SnapAPI drivers in Linux

Install an older version of dkms and rebuild SnapAPI

SnapAPI logs are required for troubleshooting snapshot issues. The common error messages that the SnapAPI log will help troubleshoot are:

unable to create volume snapshot
source is not selected (Hyper-V error message)


Starting with Update 6 of Acronis Backup 11.5 (build 43800/43994 depending on region or with snapapi.dll 2399 and newer) SnapAPI logs from Windows machines are collected by Acronis System Report.

You will need to delete keys and strings from Windows registry to remove Acronis SnapAPI drivers

If there is not enough storage space to create the temporary snapshot file, the backup operation will fail with an error message similar to the following one:

Not enough storage is available to process this command

This article describes what this temporary file is and how to modify its size. For detailed description of the snapshot process, see SnapAPI.

This article explains to install Acronis software on Linux systems without installing packages required for compiling SnapAPI module on every machine. Instead, it's possible to install Acronis agent on a test machine and distribute precompiled module over your systems.


On the source machine:

1. Build SnapAPI modules:


Backups fail with error messages stating that the SnapAPI module is not loaded for the running kernel.

In dmesg/messages, you can find these errors from SnapAPI: "make_request_fn is NULL." 


Backup agents BEFORE C21.09 release had a version of the SnapAPI kernel module (versions up to 0.7.140) that could not compile successfully on kernels 4.18.0-315 or higher (in the 4.18. series).

How to update the SnapAPI module in Linux