Deploy Acronis Agent for ESX/ESXi to each host instead of deploying one to the cluster

This is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) issue. The validation task is actually running

Copying from a partition that is created with Extended Capacity Manager is slow

The issue is with the network configuration of the virtual machine

On the machine where the Acronis Management Server Service itself is running, you can see that it generates a constant high CPU overload. In some environments higher network usage is also seen. To solve this issue, you should delete content of specific folders and change registry values

When Acronis Management Server demonstrates symptoms of malfunction it may be useful to check whether its performance is in accordance with expected behavior.


Any of the following symptoms may serve as trigger to apply the proposed solution:

You are facing an issue with Acronis Backup Cloud - Agent for Linux, for example, a backup is running slow and you try to analyze the root cause. We recommend using the perf command line tool to troubleshoot a performance issue.

Follow these steps:

1. The "perf" utility should be shipped with the kernel (See details here If you don't have it install it:


With release of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 the new format of Hyper-V is introduced. It is named Hyper-V 3.

  1. You have prepared a virtual machine in Hyper-V 3 format;
  2. You want to run a deployment task to this machine and you are using the PXE boot method;
  3. During the boot of the virtual machine via PXE you encounter a very slow boot operation.


This is an issue in product.


To work around this issue, use boot ISO file attached to the virtual machine.


A third-party application runs slowly if Acronis True Image is installed.

Only those applications are affected, whose executable files (.exe) do not have a valid digital signature, AND modify a lot of files in a small period of time as part of its normal work.

To check if an executable file has a valid digital signature or not, follow the steps below:

The initial backup speed might be slower than expected when backing up to Cloud for the first time.