Expected behaviour in currect product architecture. Schedule backups on system shutdown.


  1. You create a deployment task with the default option "Shut down" enabled for an Agent on Windows 8;
  2. After you perform a successful deployment, the Agent reboots instead of shutting down.


This is an irregular known issue.


As a workaround, please shut down the Agent machine manually (or through Remote Desktop).


  1. You scheduled the backup to run on 'On the system shutdown' 
  2. Backup fails with the following message:

Backup scheduled on the system shutdown has failed.


Check the following system settings on the Agent machine to make sure that there are no factors preventing backup tasks from execution:

1) Open Windows Registry (press Win+R, type regedit and click OK to open) and check the following:


If you want your Windows machine to turn off automatically after completing the backup job, you can set up automatic shutdown using native Windows commands.


  1. Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: in the backup plan, open Backup options -> Pre/Post commands,

    Acronis Cyber Protect 15, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: in the protection plan, go to Backup module, then to Backup options -> Pre/Post commands,