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You can see, that the amount of occupied space used on the storage servers is bigger than the amount of the backed up data.


During backup the software creates some temporary files. These files provide redundancy for an unlikely case of a storage hardware failure during a backup operation. When the backup completes the temporary files are marked for deletion and cleanup is performed several times a day. This is expected behaviour and does not affect the storage space that you are being charged for.

Do the following in case your Acronis Storage is running out of space.


1. Try to connect to the console using IP alias of the Management server, not the external IP of the node. The external IP may change in case MGMT role was migrated from one MDS node to another.

2. Check drive speed with this command (execute it several times):
hdparm -t <disk device, e.g. /dev/sdb>

Read speed should be about 100MB/sec. If the speed is lower, the hardware must be improved according to the hardware requirements.


  1. You start installation of Acronis Backup Client.
  2. Installation fails with:
    Code: 06553603
    Line tag: 0xe71b9a1528b1baa8
    Message: An unexpected error has occured. HTTP response code: 400.


You have provided administrator account credentials instead of Backup Account credentials.


The issue has been fixed. Since version 4.2 (Agent build 12.0.1588) an Agent can be installed with administrator's credentials.

Network issues

1. Make sure the node with MGMT role assigned has Internet access.

2. Make sure the registration portal is available on the MGMT node.

Execute this command:

If command fails with an error, check DNS servers' names in /etc/resolv.conf file on the node:

a) if FES role is enabled on the node, the list of the DNS servers should be equal to the one specified in FES role settings.

Acronis Storage needs to have direct access to the drives dedicated for STS roles. The most recommended implementation is having internal hard drives set for STS roles. Please refer to the Hardware requirements section of the user guide.

Alternatively, STS role can be set to iSCSI drives or to LUNs of a SAN. NAS can also be used (for example, in a virtual environment, when having datastore on a NAS and storing the nodes’ virtual disks there). Using JBOD is only possible in Acronis Storage Express virtualized setup when it is connected to the virtualization host. 

You have exceeded your cloud storage quota.


  1. You have set up some backup plans.
  2. You start Backup Management Console on a remote machine. Time zone set on the remote machine differs from the one set on the Backup Client machine.
  3. Backup start time is displayed incorrectly on the remote machine.


Issue in the product caused by the difference in time zones.


Backups start according to the schedule and time specified on the Backup Client machine.

Starting with Acronis Backup Cloud v.7.7, you can delete storage from the Management Portal directly. See this guide for help.

In older versions, do the following to remove an Acronis Storage instance from Acronis Backup Cloud:


You have successfully installed a Backup Client, but registration failed and machine does not appear in Backup Management Console.

Or you need to re-register a client machine to another Backup Account.


(!) IMPORTANT: This method is NOT supported for registration of Agent for VMware (Windows)

Use this method to manually register a Backup Client.

Use quotation marks, if your password contains special characters or spaces.

Every time an Agent is installed, a new entity is created in Acronis software and the machine is displayed in the Backup management console. When the Agent is reinstalled, a second entry might appear for the same machine and new backup archives for this machine will be created once old backup plans are applied. To prevent these duplicates from appearing, leave Remove the logs and configuration settings (Windows) or Clean up all product traces (Linux) cleared.

Do the following to modify quotas and overage:

Acronis is committed to provide world-class Customer service and support. English speaking technical support can be contacted by email and telephone seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

The Service Provider is responsible for Tier 1 support directly to its Resellers, Subresellers and/or End Users. Service Provider will be instructed to separately indicate two (2) points of contact for all issues related to these Support Guidelines.

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