Acronis OS Selector is not compatible with Norton GoBack

Acronis OS Selector should not ask for the password on startup after a machine is set to hibernation

How to rectify the situation if Acronis OS Selector's BOOTWIZ folder has been deleted

How to hide partitions from an operating system by means of Acronis OS Selector

You can use Acronis OS Selector to boot from ZIP diskettes or CD/DVDs

Acronis True Image suddenly disappears from the screen after hitting Next on the Partitions Selection screen

How to delete one or several operating systems from a machine

Acronis OS Selector is a special software utility which is a part of Acronis Disk Director 11 Home. Acronis OS Selector lets you install and multiboot several operating systems on one machine.

How to install Linux on the system with Acronis OS Selector

Acronis OS Selector does not support USB or SATA interfaces

Installing several operating systems on the same PC using OS Selector

You can install Acronis OS Selector with Acronis Disk Director 11 Home or separately

The components of Try&Decide and OS Selector are not compatible. Do not use OS Selector and Try&Decide at the same time

What the issue may be related to and how to overcome it


Acronis OS Selector fails to load with Starting Acronis Loader... or with an endless loop of error messages.

If the error message is MBR Error 3, then the last booted operating system starts.