Secure boot

An Update is available for True Image 2013 and Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5


  1. You have a Gen2 Hyper-V VM with Secure Boot enabled. 
  2. You install Agent for Windows inside this VM and run an Entire machine backup 
  3. You attempt to recover this VM from the backup. Recovery fails with one of the following messages:

    The activity has failed because the machine has been shut down unexpectedly.

    Activity 'Recovering volumes' failed. The activity has failed due to a planned restart of the operating system.


You try to boot Gen2 Hyper-V VM with Acronis Bootable Media

Media fails to boot with the following message:

The image's hash and certificate are not allowed (DB)

No UEFI-compatible file system was found.


Secure Boot is enabled on the VM. Secure Boot prevents boot from a Linux bootloader in the ISO file (the Linux bootloader neither signed nor certified by Microsoft).

This issue is not specific to Acronis Bootable Media.