Scheduled tasks do not run when SysMetrix is enabled

The Acronis Scheduler services and/or process malfunction

Start the Acronis Scheduler2 Service to fix the issue

The backup is on an external disk which is unavailable at the time of the validation

Solving a problem with error code 1722 (RPC server is unavailable)

By analyzing schedreport.txt you can find out name and SID of the user who scheduled and ran the task, as well as the name and time and date of when the task was executed.

Sample of a successfully executed task

Depending on the product you have, select a section:

Utility that allows you to manage scheduled tasks and collect reports in Acronis products


  1. You installed Update 4 of Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 (Build 12730)
  2. After update, deleted off-host data processing plans (replication, validation, cleanup) start running on schedule. It is not possible to delete these plans because they are not shown in Management Console.


Issue in the product.


This issue is fixed in Build 12860 and later, please update the product to the latest build.

You have Acronis cloud agent for Office 365 and create a backup plan. You cannot find where to specify backup start time.

Update Acronis Scheduler and recreate the tasks


Backup works and backup activities appear in the activities list. Archives were created in the target location (you can check them using Backups page in Management console or by browsing the target folder using any file browser).

But you receive alerts "Backup did not start" or you see that date and time of backup creation does not match the backup plan settings.