Text, labels and other elements in the graphical user interface of Acronis True Image are too small and hard to read and use.

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The issue can occur on high-resolution displays, known as 4K monitors, 6K, 8K etc.


You have installed or upgraded Acronis Cyber Protect 15 software and deployed Agent for Scale Computing HC3 (Virtual Appliance) into the Scale Cluster.

Despite adding a sufficient quantity of the Advanced Virtual Hosts licenses, it is not possible to run existed backup plan(s) or create the new one.

Backup plan shows the following error: 

The protection plan cannot be run as the device has no license


You have installed Acronis Cyber Protect 15 software and attempt to deploy Agent for Scale Computing HC3 (Virtual Appliance);

Deployment of the Agent for Scale Computing HC3 (Virtual Appliance) instantly fails with the following error:

Failed to download the virtual appliance. Check the Internet connection on host <hostname> or download the file...


Due to the Acronis Cyber Protect 15 installer size limitation, the "Update Package from for Agent for Scale Computing" needs to be downloaded manually and must be placed in the corresponding folder on the Acronis Management Server machine.

Steps to perform:

      1. Download the "Update Package from for Agent for Scale Computing" as described in


You follow the User Guide Article Deploying Virtual Appliance and attempting to deploy Acronis Virtual Appliance for Scale into the Scale Cluster.

Deployment starts, but then fails with the following error: 


  • You are trying to run an Agentless backup of VMs on Scale Computing HC3
  • The backup activity fails on every run and disabling or enabling VSS in the backup plan does not fix the problem


  • After performing V2V restore (VMWare backed-up machine to Scale HC3), you are facing the following issues:

1. The VM runs normally, but cumulative updates failing with the error "0x8007054f"

2. Not possible to replace the VirtIO Red Hat SCSI controller driver with a new version.


Issue in the product.

This issue will be resolved in one of the upcoming updates.

In the meantime, please follow the workaround below