retention rules


  1. You are performing a backup of several machines with automatic replication/cleanup.
  2. The backup completes successfully but archive cleanup fails with an error similar to:

Error code: 507
Module: 64
LineInfo: a1d3981537c687b7
Fields: id : Backup_2013_05_23_08_00_20_414F.TIB, $module : disk_bundle_vs_37613
Message: Failed to open the backup archive by the ID.
Error code: 1
Module: 64

This article describes principles of managing free space in Acronis Cloud.


  1. You create a plan to backup disks/partitions with the following parameters:
    • Backup format: Version 12 (.tibx)
    • Where to backup: internal or external disk
    • Backup scheme: full backup + differential backups
    • Cleanup: by number of backups (e.g. maximum number of backups= 3)
  2. You run the backup task several times;


  1. You set up a backup task with cleanup scheme By number of backups and choose to start cleanup before backup.

  2. After you run the backup several times, recovery points in Show backups show one more recovery point than the number of backups specified.


This is by design.


Backup in Version 12 format fails with following error message:
error 0x40011: The specified file does not exist


For clarity of the article, we will define two terms: “backup type” and “backup sets”.