Default settings for transferring partitions from an old hard disk drive to a new larger hard disk drive in the automatic transfer mode of Acronis Migrate Easy

The "Name" field in the "Dynamic Group Creation" window is too small. No entered name can be seen

Acronis Migrate Easy allows you to resize partitions during cloning

It is not recommended to resize a partition with bad blocks

Sectors are marked as bad after an image is restored

You can use Acronis Disk Director 11 Home or Acronis Disk Director Server 11 Advanced to resize partitions of your hard disk drive

The ext3 with 256-byte inodes are not supported

Acronis Disk Director reboots in Windows Native Mode to commit pending changes, but the operation either fails with an error or completes with no result

You need to have unallocated space on the disk with the partition the size of which you intend to increase

With the "Occupy disk space entirely" option selected in the Deployment Template Wizard, only the last partition is resized

It is possible to restore a disk image to a larger or smaller hard drive with automatic or manual resize


  1. You are trying to resize a dynamic volume and leave unallocated space before it;
  2. There is no possibility to leave unallocated space before the volume: Unallocated space before volume field is grayed out and no marker is present for moving the volume layout:


This is by design.


In the Plans view, it is not possible to resize the column "Name", while the size of other columns can be changed:


Issue in product UI.

This issue was fixed in P15 U5, build 30984. Please update to the latest build.