Replication is creating backups in multiple locations with a single Protection plan. This feature allows replicating backups from a local/network storage to multiple local/network storage, to Acronis cloud, or to an on-premises Cloud storage based on Acronis Cyber Infrastructure.

There are 2 replication methods:

  • Replication in Protection plan
  • Replication in mini-plan

Replication in Protection plan

To set up replication in Protection plan:


Activity fails with:

DNS hostname resolution error


1.  Operation with a backup archive (backup, replication, recovery, etc.) fails with one of the following messages:

Data is corrupted: CRC mismatch or internal data structures mismatch 


The archive is corrupted


  1. You created and successfully started a VM Replication plan,
  2. After the first run, the plan does not start automatically.
  3. If you check the Plans tab, '0 devices' is shown for the affected replication plan.


Issue in the product. The replication plan is revoked from VM when the replication process is finished.


This issue is fixed in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud 21.10 (Build 28037). Please update Virtual Appliance to the latest build.



VMware VM replication reaches 100% and hangs. No error or warning is displayed.

Logs from /var/run/log/hostd.log on ESX host contain a message similar to the following :

2021-08-13T22:28:12.116Z error hostd[2100679] [user@6876 sub=Req@vim25/] length of HTTP request body exceeds configured maximum 100000


Limitation on the VMware side: it does not allow SOAP API requests longer than 100000 symbols


To work around the issue, increase the maximum length of API requests in config:


Backup to NAS or a different activity(replication, validation) fails with:

 Windows error: (0x80070544) The validation information class requested was invalid


Backup, replication or another activity fails with:

The path <path> does not exist.

For example: The path "F:/" does not exist.

Or, in older builds:

Windows error: (0x80070002) The system cannot find the file specified