Remove backup


You try to recover or delete a backup via the Cyber Protection console.

The operation fails with:

The machine with ID '...' is offline or is not available"


The machine with Agent is offline or deleted.


If possible, bring the agent back online to perform the operation.

If the original Agent is no longer available, use one of the following solutions:

Usage cases

  1. There are sync issues between the Management and the Cyber Protection Console usages; Backup Storage location cannot be refreshed manually and displaying outdated list of archives (i.e. already deleted backups);
  2. User account is already deleted but the Backup Storage location is still appearing in the Backup Storage tab; 


  • Backup deletion from Backup storage tab fails with error "You try to delete an already deleted archive. Probably list of archives is outdated. Press refresh vault to get the actual archive list"
  • An old deleted backup or archive re-appears in Backup storage tab


The deleted backup still appears in the list because the list of archives was not refreshed automatically.