recovery point

After upgrading from Acronis vmProtect 7 to Acronis vmProtect 8, recovery points are listed in incorrect order by default in the Recovery wizard. The Acronis vmProtect 7 recovery points are selected by default instead of Acronis vmProtect 8 recovery points even if they are newer. This happens if user continues backing up to archive created with Acronis vmProtect 7. This is a UI issue only. Recovery can be done from any recovery point regardless of which version of Acronis vmProtect was used to create them. Another problem is that first backup with Acronis vmProtect 8 into archive created by Acronis vmProtect 7 will be full one due to the same reasons. The subsequent backups will be incremental ones.


Archive 12 format is a main archive type for Acronis Backup 12.5. It is used to back up any data, including mobile data, applications, application-aware backup, MacOS, Oracle DB etc

It is a single .tibx file for each backup chain: Full or Differential + all Incremental files that depend on it

Metadata is stored inside the archive, checksummed and verified (there is no separate xml file for metadata).


You receive the following error when browsing recovery points for a backup:

Failed to resolve the backup. The specified file does not exist.

If you check the backup location, the first volume of the archive is missing.

E.g. a complete set of archive volumes looks like this

[Machine Name]-[Plan ID]-[Unique ID]A.tibx

[Machine Name]-[Plan ID]-[Unique ID]A-0001.tibx

[Machine Name]-[Plan ID]-[Unique ID]A-0002.tibx


Backup in Version 12 format fails with following error message:
error 0x40011: The specified file does not exist


During exploring content of archive you can see that size of Incremental backup is comparable or even higher that Full backup.

For example, check full backup size:

And compare it with the size of a subsequent Incremental backup: