When contacting Acronis Customer Central with a technical issue, it is recommended to have Acronis System Information at hand

This article describes how to use Web Restore to retrieve files or folders without using Acronis software.

You restore a machine to dissimilar hardware and apply Acronis Universal Restore.

The process completes successfully, but the restored machine goes to BSoD with error "Stop 0x0000007B".


Operation (backup, recovery, cleanup) fails with the following error:

Windows error: (0x8007051F) There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request

You create an agentless backup of VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine. 

When you try to recover files from a virtual machine backup to original location, only custom location is available in the recovery wizard.


Backup, replication or another activity fails with:

The path <path> does not exist.

For example: The path "F:/" does not exist.

Or, in older builds:

Windows error: (0x80070002) The system cannot find the file specified


  1. You install Agent for Windows into a Gen 2 Azure VM and perform recovery as described in Windows Azure and Amazon EC2 virtual machines

The recovery of an Exchange database to original location fails with:

Error code: 254
Module: 91
LineInfo: 0x7A0C574AD2E3F5C3
Fields: {"$module":"arx_agent_fork_vsa64_12960"}
Message: It is not allowed to overwrite database <database> during recovery.


  1. You created a backup of a VMware VM using Acronis Cyber Protect 12.5 Virtual appliance.
  2. You recover the backed up VM to the same host with Acronis Cyber Protect 15.
  3. When you boot the VM, it is not possible to change the boot order. The message is:
    All items on this menu cannot be modified in user mode. If any items require change, please consult your systems Supervisor.

What is a WinPE or WinRE media, see here.
How to create bootable media, see here.

This article explains how to recover your system Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (formerly Acronis True Image):


1.  Operation with a backup archive (backup, replication, recovery, etc.) fails with the following message:

Data is corrupted: CRC mismatch or internal data structures mismatch


  1. You create an entire machine backup of a Linux system where one or more partitions in the system has a label
  2. When you attempt to recover files from the the partition with the label, original location is grayed out during recovery


  1. You download a Bootable media and get a registration token for it
  2. You boot a machine with the Bootable media and register the media on Management Server with the registration token
  3. Go to Recovery and select Cloud vault. No backups are shown and the following message appears:

    The selected location does not contain backed up data


Issue in the product.


This issue has been fixed in Acronis Cyber Protect 21.10.


  1. You created a full disk backup of a system SCSI disk
  2. You recover this system backup to an NVMe disk
  3. After recovery, the system fails to boot, with the following error:



NVMe driver is missing in the source OS.


Boot the restored machine into Windows Safe Mode. The system will install the required drivers automatically.

You can also use Acronis Universal Restore: