There are 3 things you can do to ensure Acronis Active Protection prevents ransomware from encrypting your backups saved locally on your computer. Normally you do not need to check them, as they are configured automatically during installation, but if you want to double-check, review the following:

1. The toggle on the Active Protection tab should be ON, saying Active Protection is on:

Answers to frequent questions


Question: why a ransomware attack was not stopped by Acronis Active Protection? What happened?

Answer: there are many possible reasons, an investigation is required to determine the cause.


Folder C:\Acronis Active Protection Storage contains files with .ENCRYPTED extension. Files may be related to custom or hand-written programs on the computer.


When programs modify files on the computer, Acronis Active Protection may have a false positive and detect that program as ransomware, especially if some files or databases are modified quickly.