Post commands fail to run in Acronis True Image Echo Server for Linux. Operation log shows that the commands were run successfully

Make the system shut down or log off automatically using pre/post commands

Test of the command fails because the user is impersonated differently in Remote Desktop Session. The actual command within the backup plan will be executed fine

This has already been fixed. The fix is available in the latest build of the product

The post command will fail only if you run an unscheduled task and log off before the task completion

It is recommended to use Acronis Backup & Recovery for database backups

Expected behaviour in currect product architecture. Schedule backups on system shutdown.

Pre/post commands are executed before or after the whole backup process. Before/after data capture commands are executed during the backup process, right before and immediately after the snapshot

You can make Acronis True Image execute manually created batch files before and after the backup or restore