Check if the key.plk file is in the installation directory of Acronis Agent


Acronis provides integrated backup and recovery for Plesk web hosting servers. It allows backing up Plesk servers and granularly recovering files, databases and mailboxes from Plesk UI.

If your Plesk is running on Ubuntu with enabled AppArmor, follow this article to configure AppArmor for successful restore of MySQL databases.


You have been backing up your Plesk servers with Acronis Backup for Plesk.

The server was lost and you want to recover it from the backup. You have set up a new Plesk server and configured the Acronis Backup for Plesk extension. Now you need to restore the backed up server to this new one.


You can recover your previous backup to the new machine.


  • You configure a backup plan with Plesk/Cpanel extension
  • The backup plan is configured with file-filters in it and is working correctly
  • You try to mount the created backup from the Plesk/Cpanel management console
  • Mounting fails with the error message "failed to mount the recovery point"

You have created a WebCP backu plan with an SMB share as destination. Later, you have changed destination to another SMB share and specified another credentials.

Mounting a recovery point in cPanel fails with:

Failed to mount the recovery point


After installing agent on Plesk/cPanel and applying a protection plan, Server quota is not assigned automatically.

Plan creation fails with:

The protection plan cannot be applied or updated as the existing quota of the device does not allow the requested functionality

When trying to assign a quota manually, you see no available server quotas.


Issue in the product. 


The issue has been fixed in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud 20.08.