The recommendation is to set the task to run as Administrator

The backup plan creation of a Hyper-V virtual machine fails after updating Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Build 11345 to Build 11639

In a backup plan you specify explicitly what data to back up and apply it to one machine, in a backup policy you create a template with parameters of what to back up and can apply it to multiple machines

Make the Acronis Managed Machine Service run under the correct user account. Check that the network share is accessible

Make sure that the network share is accessible and that the Acronis Managed Machine Service is running under an account with enough privileges

Acronis Storage Node does not support swapped drives. Managed vaults should only be created in permanent locations

When editing a task, you may see a message to retype your credentials

Manual backup to DVD works, however the scheduled one fails

The backup task fails to run with incorrect credentials

This is a known issue. As a workaround, use custom scheme instead

Create a backup plan to have the backups saved to the root of the USB disk or to a certain folder on the disk

This article describes how to create a custom backup plan

Keep a copy of your backup archive in the virtual machine format ready for instant recovery

The user account, under which Acronis Managed Machine Service is running, has no Back up files and directories and Restore files and directories privileges

It is recommended to use administrator credentials (user is better to have at least Backup Operators or Administrators membership) when you create a backup plan.

When you create a backup plan, the product by default sets the access credentials of the user under which you are currently logged in on the current machine or connect to a remote machine with Acronis Agent.

To set the credentials explicitly, you will need to click Show plan's credentials under Plan parameters:

This is a known issue. As a workaround, run the backup plan manually

As a workaround, restart the Acronis Management Server Service

The backup settings window is not supposed to be maximized

The differential and incremental backups are automatically deleted only when the full backup is deleted

There is no progress bar shown on a disabling or enabling operation

How to export and import local and centralized backup tasks

During an update or an upgrade the default value of the setting "Number of Simultaneous VM Backups" can become 0. As a result, machine backups cannot be performed

Backup plan created by Administrator was edited or deleted by a non-Administrator user. Recreate backup plan. It is recommended not to install Management Console on managed machines.


You upgraded from Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7 to Acronis Cyber Backup Advanced 12.5 and then to Acronis Cyber Protect 15.

When you try to create or edit a protection plan, the operation fails with the following error:

POR: cannot assign units of different types


Issue in the product.


The issue has been fixed in Build 25729. Please download and install the latest build.