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Acronis Privacy Expert runs on almost any Windows operating system starting from Windows 98 SE

Acronis OS Selector should not ask for the password on startup after a machine is set to hibernation

Acronis OS Selector is not compatible with Norton GoBack

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The component supports recovery of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

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ESX Server mounts the storage using UUID. With the hard disk changed, UUID changes too. Hence, ESX fails to mount

Acronis OS Selector is a special software utility which is a part of Acronis Disk Director 11 Home. Acronis OS Selector lets you install and multiboot several operating systems on one machine.

Brief description of Acronis Snap Deploy 3 for PCs and Acronis Snap Deploy 3 for Servers

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Please use server versions of Acronis products for server operating systems

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The issue is caused by the corruption in Acronis License Server database

Acronis vmProtect 7 supports all guest operating systems supported by VMware