This article describes how to migrate from BackupAgent APS 1.2 package to Acronis Backup Cloud APS Package.

APS migration procedure should be used in conjunction with Acronis Backup Cloud migration procedure described in this article.

APS Migration Overview

APS migration procedure carries out the following tasks:

Applicable to:

  • APS package 2.0


After upgrade to APS package 2.0 you receive notification from Acronis Cyber Cloud that Web Hosting Servers quota is exceeded.

Quota on reseller level is set to 0.


Issue in product:

  • [APSOB-5452] After upgrade, WebHostingServers quota=0 for reseller even if embedded subscriptions exist where WebHostingServers quota > 0


Log in to Management Portal and increase quota on reseller level.



This article describes Acronis Cyber Cloud APS update preparation steps alowing to minizimize the risk of errors that might happen during the update.

Preparation steps described below are highly recommended to the service providers with a large amount of Acronis Cyber Cloud subscriptions managed by OSA (1000+).


APS package must be compatible with following software components:


When running an upgrade of APS package for Acronis Cyber Cloud, installation procedure fails and it is impossible to proceed with the upgrade procedure after eliminating the root cause.

In this case, you will need to downgrade the APS package following the instruction below, and reach out to Acronis support for further assistance.


Downgrade should not be performed in following cases:

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