Acronis True Image may fail to back up an NTFS-compressed partition

Windows Vista hangs on first reboot, when trying to install it on an NTFS partition formatted with Acronis Disk Director

There can be two different causes: the volume you choose is encrypted by TrueCrypt, or there is a malfunction of Acronis low-level drivers due to incorrect registry value

FAT32 does not support "sparse" attribute, which is necessary for Acronis Nonstop Backup

The following conversion operations are supported:

  • FAT16 to FAT32 and back
  • ext2 to ext3 and back


  1. Start Acronis Disk Director 11 and select the partition, the file system of which you would like to convert:

  2. Click Convert:

A newly created NTFS volume has "Full control" security permission for Everyone

When using Acronis Storage Node and deduplication on NTFS filesystem an error occur due filesystem limitation. To fix the issue, reduce the fragmentation by copy forth and back the deduplication storage (datastore) unified_data.ds.0/1.


Acronis software may give errors, freeze or produce other undesired effects when there are issues with parts of the computer environment it operates in:


Disk partitions, file systems


Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) supports AFP sharing of directories that are mount points (also known as junctions), or directories that are contained within a mount point.


Acronis Files Connect supports sharing out data stored in NTFS mount points via AFP in three ways:


  • Backup and Recovery of NTFS partitions generate the following errors:

"Error 0x1000e9: Failed to access the archive plain disk" and "error 0x7002c: The backup does not contain the sector"


Issue in the NTFS partition with file filled with NULLs.


The issue is fixed in the new build C22.05. Please update the affected agents.

You create a backup to a destination formatted in NTFS. Backup fails with "Windows error: (0x80070299) The requested operation could not be completed due to a file system limitation" or with "Cannot write data to file <path> due to a file system limitation. The disk may be highly fragmented or the file is too large"