List of NAS systems that have been tested to work with Acronis Backup & Recovery 10

Set the credentials manually via "Connection settings"

This is a Synology DiskStation Manager 3.0 issue

Acronis True Image Home 2012 supports nonstop backup to NAS

Failed to create neither file nor disk backup to NAS. The NAS is seen under Windows normally

This article lists the supported storage destinations for backups with Acronis vmProtect 8 

This article describes the troubleshooting steps in case a network share cannot be selected as a backup destination. "The drive is not ready" error is typically related to the share specifics which should be revealed. One of the common solutions is to access the share using its IP address instead of the hostname

Acronis True Image fails to create back up files that are on a network share

NAS devices are automatically detected and offered as backup location


You have mapped a folder on NAS as a network drive in Windows Explorer. You are able to copy files back and forth to the NAS in Windows Explorer successfully.

However, when using Acronis True Image 2017 build 5554 you may observe the following errors:

Quick solution

First steps:

  1. Create a new test backup task
  2. Check if NAS can be accessed in Windows Explorer
  3. Try copying a file from Windows to the folder for backups on NAS

If the issue persists, try re-establishing connection to NAS:

Backup to a NAS device through FTP may fail

If there is an issue with backing up to NAS, provide access credentials

You have installed an agent on a machine connected to a NAS device. In What to back up, you select a network share residing on this NAS device. Backup completes with warnings similar to: "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process".

When backing up a network shared folder you get 'The credentials for network share are incorrect' error, even though you are able to access this share in Windows File Explorer using the same credentials.

If there is an issue with backing up a NAS unit, try using shorter folder names

You save backups to a NAS and the NAS has the recycle bin feature enabled.

After an archive is cleaned up according to retention rules, next backup fails.

Quick solution

If NAS is not listed under "My NAS connections" and/or under "Network", type NAS` IP-address in the text field "Back up to:", then hit Enter on keyboard.

Note: it may take several seconds to connect to the NAS.