mobile app

A guide on how to migrate from Access for Android version 3.2 to the newest version.

You have a backup of a mobile device that you want to delete.

You log in to the backup console and try to remove this backup.

You get this error:
Error code: 31
Module: 349
LineInfo: 0x4939462BB332D840
Fields: {"Expression":"result >= MIN_ARCHIVE_CORE_VERSION","$module":"common_archive_addon_vsa64_10330"}
Message: Internal error: An expression test has failed.

We would like to inform you that we will discontinue the support for mobile backups to NAS devices on August 31, 2021. Even though you will not be able to backup mobile data to NAS devices anymore, you will still be able to recover data from existing NAS backups until October 31, 2021. 

After carefully evaluating customer interest and use, Acronis Mobile will no longer offer the ability to back up mobile devices to NAS: