You use locally installed Agent for Microsoft 365. After enabling multi-factor authentication(MFA) for your Microsoft 365 organization, global administrator credentials are not accepted by Agent for Microsoft 365.

Either the credentials are incorrect or the specified user is not an administrator in Microsoft 365

You deploy Agent for VMware (VA) and try to register it with credentials. You use two-factor authentication for your account.

Registration fails with this error:

The registration in service '' has failed.


1. An attempt to register VPN Appliance for Site-to-site connection model in Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud fails with this error message:

User name or password is incorrect.

2. Two-factor-authentication (2FA) is enabled for the account used for VPN Appliance registration.


  1. You enabled two-factor authentication in Cloud console 
  2. Acronis Backup software is installed as on-premises deployment
  3. You configure backup to Cloud Storage. Backup fails with the following error:
    The credentials for location <account> are not specified.
    Failed to authorize the user.


1. Manual ACI Backup Gateway registration in Acronis Cyber Cloud per Backup Gateway Quick Start Guide or attempt to update Backup Storage certificates fails with the following error in UI:

Incorrect username or password.