Do not close the window with the archive from you are copying files to avoid the error

The product can encrypt your Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger conversations

As a workaround, back up your E-Mail manually instead doing running it as a scheduled task

Make sure the outgoing mail server settings and port are specified correctly

This message is generated in the application log on every attempt to check for updates from Acronis True Image Home 2011

Login to online backup fails with "The e-mail or password is incorrect."

There are message(s) detected in the Windows Event Log that indicate increased risk of unexpected data loss

Make sure you are using the correct port number and have SSL

Uncheck the "Log on to incoming mail server" option

If the flash drive is formatted in FAT32, then the size of one file is limited to 4 GB


You receive an e-mail notification with backup log, containing one or multiple lines with "Volume Tracker has failed to find changes on volume..."


2018-12-20T09:00:10:378-04:00 10916 I000101F8: Pending operation 173 started: 'Creating partition image'.


2018-12-20T09:00:11:190-04:00 10916 I00100000: Volume Tracker has failed to find changes on volume '\\?\Volume{5e2aeab2-ffb3-4dab-8444-54635f6a3367}\'.


Email notifications can be set up in two ways:

1) per backup task (Windows only)


2) universally for all existing and future backup tasks (Windows, Mac)

Per-backup notifications are more configurable, but are more complicated to set up.

Global notifications are easy to enable, but are less informative.