Browse to the vaults by entering bsp:// and clicking the green and white arrow sign next to it

Delete all the logs by clicking "Clear log"

Removing "Recent connections" is only possible through Windows Registry Editor

Remote validation of a backup in a deduplicating vault as part of recovery is not supported

Manually create the /mms directory and make sure the /tmp is not mounted with the "noexec" option

The list of operating systems Acronis Recovery for MS Exchange Agent and Acronis Recovery for MS Exchange Management Console support

If Acronis Management Server is installed on a guest operating system, which is backed up from the host, it will not display the correct task status on the dashboard

Remove the grayed out machines from Acronis Management Server and then add them back to solve the issue

A script to delete vaults from Acronis Management Server if the attempt fails through GUI

This message in the log means that there is nothing to clean up in the backup location

As a workaround, install the Acronis Management Console from Windows command-line

How you can manually clear and recreate all Acronis Storage Node tasks, such as the indexing and compacting tasks

The "Manage this machine" button is grayed out when connected to the Acronis Management Console machine via RDP. This is normal behavior

Detailed description of how Acronis True Image Echo works with tape autoloaders and separate tape drives

This article describes the compatibility of Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server with other Acronis products

Centralized managed vault creation may fail when the account running Acronis Storage Node service does not have sufficient permissions to the vault data or database location

You can install Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Management Server on the same machine as  Acronis Group Server, or on a different machine

Detailed instructions on how to troubleshoot issues with tape drives and Acronis True Image Echo

Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the product will not work in Linux if there is no XRender extension

Start the Acronis Managed Machine service manually to solve the issue