log on

Make the Acronis Managed Machine Service run under the correct user account. Check that the network share is accessible

An attempt to connect to an Acronis Agent fails with "Active Directory is not available for the specified user. Cannot create MAPI profile. Probably, the user does not have a mailbox or Microsoft Exchange MAPI and CDO are probably out of date."

The fix is available in the latest released build of the product (Build 11345 or higher)

The user under which you are trying to log in does not have Administrator rights

Add user to the "Bypass traverse checking" and "Act as part of the operating system" security policies

The "Log on as a service" right failed to be automatically added to the user under which you are trying to install

You have Logon control enabled for your tenant (unit/company). Your IP address has changed, for example, your company moved to another location or you changed your Internet provider.

When trying to access the web interface (Management Portal or Cyber Protection Console), you get this error:

Access from your IP address is not allowed.

At least 4 parallel connections should be allowed to a network share to let Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Advanced save a backup archive to the network share