Creating an MS Installer Log of Acronis True Image 2015


How can I export the MassTransit log?


MassTransit administrators may want to export the log messages from MassTransit. To do this, do the following:

1. Run MySQL Administrator

2. Click on the "Backup" icon

3. Click "New Project" at the bottom of the window.

4. Name the project "Export MassTransit Log"

5. Select the "mtdatabase" item and use the right arrow to move it to the column on the right side of the window.


How do I turn on or turn off debug logging in Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP)?


For Acronis Files Connect 3.x and earlier:

With the Acronis Files Connect Administrator open, hold down CTRL+D while doing a right mouse click. You'll see the debugging information dialog screen. Select either Enable Logging or Disable Logging. Not all debugging keys are available in this window and Group Logic Technical Support may ask you to enable some additional debugging keys if warranted.

Acronis Files Connect 4.x:

How to collect debug logs in Windows, Linux and for Acronis Appliance


You receive an e-mail notification with backup log, containing one or multiple lines with "Volume Tracker has failed to find changes on volume..."


2018-12-20T09:00:10:378-04:00 10916 I000101F8: Pending operation 173 started: 'Creating partition image'.


2018-12-20T09:00:11:190-04:00 10916 I00100000: Volume Tracker has failed to find changes on volume '\\?\Volume{5e2aeab2-ffb3-4dab-8444-54635f6a3367}\'.

How to deal with transaction logs when protecting MS Exchange Server with Acronis Backup

In some cases cluster logs are required for investigation. To get the required logs, please follow the steps in the Solution section of this article.

These solutions can be applied to Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008 within a cluster. You can use one of the two provided methods to collect the logs:

To obtain SFTP log, please do the following on the machine where the problem occurs (for example, when creation of a centralized vault fails, enable SFTP log on Acronis Management Server machine).

In Windows:

  1. Run regedit from Start -> Run;
  2. Open the following registry key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Acronis\DebugLogs registry key. (If the DebugLogs key does not exist, please create it)


Windows event log is spammed with error events with ID 10010 and "The server {1EF75F33-893B-4E8F-9655-C3D602BA4897} did not register with DCOM within the required timeout." message, if Acronis True Image is installed.

When looking into the details of the error events, ti_managers_proxy.dll is found


Known issue, which was partially fixed in build 17750 of Acronis True Image 2019.


From within the MassTransit Administrator Administrator, the MassTransit Log appears to not contain any data.



In rare cases, the Log window in the MassTransit Administrator may appear to not contain any data. To repair the log function we recommend the following course of action:

This article describes how to get strace output of Acronis services in Linux


This article explains how to change the maximum size and a maximum number of stored logs for some product services on the Agent machine. This may be useful if logs take too much space, or in case you need to keep logs for longer than usual.


Acronis Managed Machine Service:

  1. On the machine with Agent, open mms.config file for editing.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud:

HAR (HTTP Archive format) is a log of a web browser's interaction with a site. This information is required for troubleshooting web console issues in Acronis products.

HAR log should be collected from the machine from which you are trying to connect to web console. Acronis Agent or other Acronis Backup components are not required for HAR log collection.


Method 1. Log viewer

Use the Log viewer, developed by Acronis Forum MVP, to quickly access the details of the latest backup run, as well as other program logs: https://kb.acronis.com/content/59335