Make sure that correct license is available on Acronis License Server 

True Image 2013 has Standard licenses and Family pack licenses

Acronis Snap Deploy 4 licensing scheme

List of virtual machine applications supported by the latest versions of Acronis products

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Backup (Acronis Backup & Recovery) 11.5

Acronis True Image 2014 has Standard licenses and Family pack licenses

License policy of Acronis Backup for WMware (Acronis vmProtect)

As a user you are responsible to have the necessary third party software licenses when deploying, cloning, restoring or in any other way transferring operating systems or applications

Make sure you have sufficient free licenses, adjust deployment settings.

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Snap Deploy 5
  • Acronis Snap Deploy 4

One license per one machine with an Acronis Agent. One license for all virtual machines in agentless ESX/Hyper-V operation

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Backup for VMware 9 (Acronis vmProtect 9)



What should be checked if an Acronis Corporate product does not accept serial number

The serial key you are attempting to enter is incorrect

Make sure you load the correct file, or copy and paste the activation code from the file

Acronis License Server is installed in C:\Program Files\Acronis\LicenseServer

This has been fixed in Acronis Backup & Recovery 11

Click "Remove license" if you need to remove an unused license

Check the license key and connection to the remote Acronis License Server

Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 licensing policy

List of Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 Editions and a comparison table of components

You are trying to activate Acronis True Image using offline activation and get this error. Select the right license file or enter the activation code manually.