When trying to mount an image of over 2 TB in size, Acronis True Image errors out with "Cannot assign a drive letter"

Start TimounterMonitor.exe, and mount the image again

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 for Linux displays Windows partition letters instead of the proper Linux device names

Citrix systems have a peculiar drive letter assignment. This article gives description of how to deal with this peculiarity.

This is normal behavior if you boot Windows with both the source and the cloned drive attached

Difference between the Linux-like and Windows-like disk representation in Acronis Bootable Media

Deployment on Dell Precision workstations results in drive letters in reverse order

As a workaround, manually specify where you would like to restore the files

This article describes how to change the letter assigned to a drive (disk) in Windows.

(!) Changing a drive letter may harm your applications that use this drive letter. Before doing this, please make sure no applications are tied to the drive letter that you are going to change.

Do the following to chang the letter:

  1. Right-click on Start -> Computer. Click Manage:

The full version of Acronis Bootable Rescue Media uses Linux environment, the naming convention of which is different from Windows