This issue affects only some Windows 7 systems. Download and run the fix

Back up and restore directly from your vSphere client

The issue is caused by the corruption in the registry key that contains information on VMware vCenter Integration

After AMS service restart you get the error "The specified entry does not exist: 'ID'."


  • You configure a backup plan with Plesk/Cpanel extension
  • The backup plan is configured with file-filters in it and is working correctly
  • You try to mount the created backup from the Plesk/Cpanel management console
  • Mounting fails with the error message "failed to mount the recovery point"


While performing configuration of N-able N-Central integration, section 5 of the guide, you get this error:

Something went wrong while saving the data.


There are 2 potential root causes of the issue:


Acronis plugin for cPanel/WHM produces 404 error and does not work on cPanel version 100 (with the new default Jupiter theme).


A temporary incompatibility between the filesystem path where plugins for the new Jupiter theme in cPanel need to be installed (where cPanel expects them to be placed), and where the Acronis plugin installer 1.6.5 places its files.


  1. You're using cPanel or Plesk integration and attempt to install Agent on AlmaLinux,
  2. Installation fails with:

    NotSupportedLinuxDistrError: Unsupported linux distributive "almalinux"


cPanel and Plesk don't support agent installation on AlmaLinux.


Starting from version 1.6.5, Acronis Backup plugin supports the AlmaLinux OS. Please use the latest version.


  • You are using one of Acronis integrations: Autotask, Connectwise, etc. 

  • When you try to map new customers in the Integration tab, the following error appears: 

         "Failed to validate struct: Key: 'TenantsListFilterParams.uuids' Error:Field validation for 'uuids' failed on the 'ite' tag"


This article describes Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud APS update preparation steps alowing to minizimize the risk of errors that might happen during the update.

Preparation steps described below are highly recommended to the service providers with a large amount of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud subscriptions managed by OSA (1000+).



  • APS package is installed on CentOS 6.x
  • When trying to connect to the Acronis Cloud from the APS endpoint, the following errors appear in /var/www/html/backupservice/log/Events

2019/04/30 10:54:17 5cc829584d633 Error Request error: SSL connect error File:'/var/www/html/backupservice/tenantBase.php' Line:'602'

If you're having difficulties setting up ConnectWise Manage integration or your setup doesn't produce the intended results check the steps below to see the most common mistakes and ways to quickly resolve them.

Make sure to revise the information provided in the Integration Guide to refresh the basics as well.


  • You are using Datto integration
  • You open the management console and select Integration
  • When you click on settings, a blank page is shown and you get the error message:

'An unexpected error has occurred:TypeError:this.CalueChangesEmitters[t.prop.propld] is not a function. Please reload the browser page.'


Wrong language parameter passed to Ninja UI.