The build of Acronis Storage Node is older than the builds of other Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 components

Corrupted MFT, Run List, Block Bitmap or Index causes backup in Sector-by-Sector Mode. The workaround is to disable "Shadow Copy Optimization Writer".


Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) indexed searches on 'Name' with parameters "ends with," "begins with," and "is" do not return any results.

Steps to Reproduce:

Search on 'Name' with parameters "ends with," "begins with," and "is". You won't find anything.


This is a bug in Mac OS 10.4 Tiger and occurs in 10.4 - 10.4.2.


There is no workaround.


This bug is likely corrected in the Mac OS 10.4.3 update, which addresses multiple file search bugs.

A manual or automatic deletion of a backup from centralized managed vault fails with an error. To solve this issue, you need to manually run re-indexing of the vault