Improve performance

There are two registry tweaks specific to Windows 2003 servers which will improve performance under certain conditions. These changes are recommended for our customers who have:

  • A large number of files shared out.
  • Folders containing a lot of items (browsing large folders).
  • A lot of users or if the server is under heavy load.
  • Background processes that monitor the file system for changes such as Windows Search.



Clients suffer from extremely slow performance (up to 8 times slower) when browsing or performing read/write operations against Windows 2003 Servers (SP1 or above).

The problem has been reported with Broadcom and other NIC Cards which are TOE (TCP Offload Engine) enabled.

Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP)

Mac clients connected to a EZIP share suffers slow performance compared to SMB.

MassTransit Server