Import Virtual Machine


I want to import a virtual machine (VM) in Acronis Manager Datacenter. How do I do that?


Select a host from the object tree and press the Import VM button on the main panel menu. This will open the Import VM wizard.

1. Select storage and define the path that contains the VM data.

2. Select the VM data that you want to import.

Applies to Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 3.0 or later

How to import VZ7 Virtual Machine into Acronis Cyber Infrastructure

It is possible to copy a Virtuozzo 7 virtual disk to Acronis Cyber Infrastructure Storage and create a new VM with that disk.

Follow the steps below:

On Virtuozzo 7 node:

1. Stop the source VM and find its virtual disk:

# prlctl stop <VM_name>
# prlctl list -i <VM_name> | grep hdd

Example of command execution: