How To


DeviceLock can wrongly detect some devices (especially composite ones) as keyloggers. This article contains instructions on overcoming the issue.


If you are using DeviceLock 7.2 version or newer, add the USB device which is false detected as keylogger into USB Devices WhiteList for Everyone group.

This article describes all possible methods to uninstall DeviceLock Service from the controlled computers.

This article will be useful for those in need of restoring access to DeviceLock Service, in case DeviceLock administrators accounts once added into DeviceLock Administrators list with either Full access or Change permissions are not available anymore.

This article contains information on how to contact Acronis DeviceLock DLP support and how to browse and review the submitted support cases in your Acronis Account.

Contact Acronis DeviceLock DLP Support

If you have questions or need to report an issue with Acronis DeviceLock DLP, please use this submission form.

All new support cases will be submitted to the Acronis Support.

This article provides instructions on how to export DeviceLock Service policy (configuration) into a *.dls file from a computer with DeviceLock Management Console.

The policy file will be useful for troubleshooting various access problems caused by misconfiguration.

This article describes the steps necessary to generate system and software reports using the built-in Microsoft System Information tool and Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line utility.


Acronis Survival Kit is a simple all-in-one recovery tool for external drive backups based on Acronis Bootable Rescue Media. 


The main goal of the operations below is to re-create Partner-hosted backup storage registered in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud in case of the following scenario: