When saving an archive to Backup Location the progress bar halts at 100% and nothing happens. There is a progress going on, you just need to wait until it is over

Backup of files or folders may hang in Linux

How to resolve the situation when Acronis True Image Management Console hangs when connecting to an Acronis Agent remotely

Acronis Storage Node can only run one cleanup task on a centralized managed vault at a time. As a result, the tasks queue

As a workaround, install the Acronis Management Console from Windows command-line

As a workaround, do not attach the database. The database file will be recreated

Acronis True Image Home analyzes partitions for too long at application startup in Windows Vista. This most probable cause is that there is a considerable amount of shadow copies for the partitions

This is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) issue. The validation task is actually running

Delete snapman and snapman380 registry values and update Acronis drivers

Disable automatic scanning of MAC addresses to work around the issue

Download and install the latest build of Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 to solve the issue

This is a known compatibility issue with Acronis True Image Home 2009 and the latest version of Dr.Web Security Space

Windows Vista hangs on first reboot, when trying to install it on an NTFS partition formatted with Acronis Disk Director

This is an issue with the Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager)

How to resolve the situation when Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange Management Console hangs or errors when connecting to an Acronis Agent remotely

Add the NETWORK SERVICE user to security policies to solve the issue

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 tasks hang on 100% because of conflict with BitDefender

Add Acronis processes to the list of exceptions

Xen-Based virtual machines (including Virtual Iron) do not boot from Acronis Bootable Media

Delete the Acronis Managed Machine Service (MMS) logs and Acronis Agent backup policies to resolve the issue

Clean the folder with Acronis True Image Home logs to resolve the issue

Replace the StructuredBackup.dll library with the one that has the fix to solve the issue

The fix is available in the latest released build of the product (Build 11345 or higher)