After rebooting the machine with Acronis Group Server the networked computers with Acronis True Image Agents are automatically polled as offline, even though they are supposed to have the status "Ready"

You need to manually set credentials for all machines that do not have the same username and password as the ones provided at the Acronis Group Server installation

When trying to put in credentials for a networked computer in Acronis Group Server, the typing speed is very slow

It is recommended to completely uninstall the current build of Acronis Group Server before updating to the new one

The most possible cause is that Acronis Group Server cannot connect to the machine with Acronis True Image Agent to retrieve the status

Acronis Group Server installed on Windows 2000 Server crashes when trying to add an Agent

How to collect Group Policies in a domain using Group Policy Management Console

This is a GUI issue. The validation task should still run successfully

If you have Acronis True Image Echo Management Console installed on a machine with Active Directory and running Windows Server 2008, installation of remote components is impossible

When trying to manually run a group backup task scheduled in Acronis Backup Server, the task disappears from the list

LOCAL SERVICE and NETWORK SERVICE must be present in the "Adjust memory quotas for a process" and "Replace a process level token" policies to let Acronis Management Console detect Acronis Group Server and Acronis Backup Server

The "Name" field in the "Dynamic Group Creation" window is too small. No entered name can be seen

The problem is in incorrect SSL certificate generation for intercomponent connections of Acronis products. As workaround, try disabling SSL encryption

Use the ICompGS tool delivered with Acronis Group Server

You can install Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Management Server on the same machine as  Acronis Group Server, or on a different machine

Disable automatic scanning of MAC addresses to work around the issue

Add an ESX host, then back up the machines or dynamic groups

What is mobilEcho?

mobilEcho is the industry’s first and only Mobile File Management (MFM) software for enterprise iPad users. mobilEcho enables enterprise IT to provide secure access to enterprise file servers for iPad users, eliminating the need for work-arounds like emailing files to yourself or storing critical enterprise files in unsecure third-party cloud providers.

Group Logic's AppleTalk protocol is now compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008. While Acronis Files Connect is compatible with Windows Server 2012 Standard & Enterprise, GroupLogic AppleTalk is not supported on Windows Server 2012.


This article provides information provided by Apple, Inc. on the definitions of various types of AFP Reconnects and Timeouts as well as the differences between how Mac OS X Tiger and Mac OS X Leopard handle them.


AFP Reconnect and Timeout Definitions


Recovery of MS Exchange database/storage group fails if committed transaction log is missing in the backup

Recovery of an MS Exchange storage group or database fails with error "The path cannot be the root directory.”. To work around use, a directory other than root