A non-Acronis application blocks Port 69

FTP user account under which you are trying to restore does not have FTP Write permission

This article lists the supported storage destinations for backups with Acronis vmProtect 8 

Acronis True Image and Acronis Backup & Recovery cannot access FTP servers that do not confirm transfer completion after the LIST command or do not support MLST and MLSD commands

How to obtain ftp.log file

After Upgrade from Previous Version the Backup Fails with "Message: There is no activated subscription for account 'user@domain.com'.'".


How can individual FTP users access MassTransit mailboxes via URL?


In order to access FTP-published mailboxes via URL, the username and password for that individual must be specified. If no username or password is provided in the URL, the FTP client will attempt to connect to the FTP resource anonymously. The username and password may be provided in the URL via the following method:



How can MassTransit be configured to support inbound FTP connections for file transfers?



MassTransit servers support inbound connections via FTP. In order to support this, the following procedure is required:

1. Click the "Configuration" button from the MassTransit Navigation bar.

2. Click on the "Incoming Calls" tab, located in the upper-left hand corner of the Configuration window.

3. Click on the "Add" button to create an incoming call method.


How are FTP Clients for MassTransit Created?


MassTransit Server for Macintosh platforms can be configured to allow inbound FTP connections. Individual logins and FTP-related permissions are controlled via MassTransit's address book window.

The following procedure may be followed to add an individual FTP client:

1. From MassTransit's Address Book, click the "Add" button to create a new contact entry. The "Contact Information" window will appear.

This is a known issue. Currently "Rename", "Delete" and "Create folder" are not supported from within the product

Backup to a NAS device through FTP may fail


Group Logic Technical Support has provided an FTP account, under which files may be sent to the Group Logic technical support staff.

How to upload files to Acronis FTP Server

To let Acronis products operate properly in the network, you need to open specific ports in Firewall settings.