Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 failed to access the backup archive to delete it

Start the Acronis Managed Machine service manually to solve the issue

As a workaround, activate Acronis Startup Recovery Manager from Windows or Acronis Bootable Media

Remove Acronis Storage Node from Acronis Management Server and re-add it by IP address

ESX Server mounts the storage using UUID. With the hard disk changed, UUID changes too. Hence, ESX fails to mount

Acronis Snap Deploy does not properly recognize Windows images with Bootmgr in the first sector of the partition

This is a known compatibility issue with Acronis True Image Home 2009 and the latest version of Dr.Web Security Space

The issue is caused by different builds of Acronis Snap Deploy Agent and Acronis OS Deploy Server

Acronis Storage Node does not support swapped drives. Managed vaults should only be created in permanent locations

Dismount the Microsoft Exchange database, and then remount it to resolve the issue

An attempt to connect to an Acronis Agent fails with "Active Directory is not available for the specified user. Cannot create MAPI profile. Probably, the user does not have a mailbox or Microsoft Exchange MAPI and CDO are probably out of date."

Instructions on how to make Windows bootable if it reports "NTLDR is missing" after being restored with Acronis True Image

With the Enabled VSS support option Acronis True Image Echo errors out with the "Unable to create volume snapshot" error message when trying to backup a hard disk drive with EISA diagnostic partition

This is normal behavior. Enter the serial number directly in the Acronis Agent installation assistant

During backup, a "Source is not selected" error appears

This is an issue with the Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager)

This has already been fixed. The fix is available in the latest build of the product