Disable Web contents in Folder Options to resolve the issue

When attempting to explore an archive, there pops up an Internet Explorer Script error

You can recover files or folders of the partition protected with Acronis Nonstop Backup

Log off from the machine and then log back on to avoid the issue

If you are providing the correct password and Acronis True Image errors out with "The password does not match", please reinstall the product to resolve the issue

Hidden files or folders are not displayed in Time Explorer if Windows Folder options are set not to show hidden files, folders, and drives

How to remove Acronis Backup Archive Explorer


  1. Using Acronis Disk Director 11 in Windows XP, you create a new volume and set a label to it:

  2. After committing the operation, the Windows XP Explorer shows no label:

By default, MS SharePoint on Windows SBS does not have any MS SQL user with the sysadmin role.

You need to assign the sysadmin role for proper Acronis SharePoint operation.

Take the following steps to give any Windows user an MS SQL sysadmin role:


Windows Explorer (File Explorer, Explorer.exe) is slow, sometimes stops responding.


Malfunctioning ti_managers_proxy.dll is a possible cause.