1. BitDefender is installed on the same machine with Acronis Snap Deploy

2. You try to add machines to the list by specifying a file with MAC addresses

3. Operation fails with error:

Failed to execute asynchronous action


 BitDefender conflicts with Acronis Snap Deploy 5.


Add the following folders to exclusions by BitDefender:

C:\Program Files\Acronis\ 


If there are issues with the file system on the backup source, exclusions configured in backup options may not take effect. Files and folders are not excluded from the backup.


Issues with file system prevent Acronis and any other software from reading and processing files and folders properly.


Check if Windows reported issues with file system and then run a command to correct them.


  • User receives a false positive alert about a suspicious process from Active Protection,
  • You want to exclude the process from Active Protection (add it to Trusted processes), but there is no exact path for exclusion: e.g. the process has a new name or a new location by each run. Exclusion of the whole folder where the process is located does not help.