To work around the issue, install Acronis Agent on the Windows SBS machine locally

With the "Backup metadata" option checked you will later be able to restore mailboxes from the backup. Otherwise – you will not

Replace the StructuredBackup.dll library with the one that has the fix to solve the issue

Description of how to establish a proper connection to Acronis Agent on Microsoft Exchange Server from Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange Management Console

How to use Exchange-Aware Backup in Acronis vmProtect 7

Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange is not a cluster-aware application, and does not include support for cluster-related settings or events

Install Microsoft Messaging API and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1 to solve the issue

There are two methods to back up: on database level or on brick level

This article explains how to resolve the Exchange items recovery issue which occurs on mounting (running from backup) of a temporary VM

Delete temporary VSS files (*.env) from the directory with the recovered transaction log files created during recovery of storage groups or databases to their original location or to a custom location

During installation of Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 on a MS Windows Server 2003 or MS Windows Small Business Server 2003 with MS Exchange 2003 on it, the checkbox to install the Agent for Exchange is grayed out. To fix this, a Windows registry key has to be modified.

The user account needs to have specific database access privileges

Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 and Recovery for Microsoft Exchange cannot create an incremental backup of an Information Store or Storage Group in Circular Logging mode

Support of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 will be available in future

Acronis Backup supports database-level backup and granular restore MS Exchange Server 2013

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 uses throttling policies to manage the performance of an Exchange organization.

Sometimes it may be useful to change Acronis Agent for Exchange default behavior to achieve better results in specific environments.

Disable backup validation

HKLM\Software\Acronis\BackupAndRecovery\ArxAgent: DisableBackupValidation (dword: {0|1}, by default 0)

This parameter disables validation of the Exchange backup data (integrity of the database files and transaction log files). Disabling backup validation may be useful in the following cases:

MS Exchange database backup fails with "An error has occurred in Extensible Storage Engine API. Error code: -1018; Description: 'JET_errReadVerifyFailure, Checksum error on a database page'"

Mailbox backup fails with error "Cannot open public folder or mailbox '<mailbox>'".

Acronis Backup 11.5/11.7 Agent for Exchange supports the following versions of Microsoft Exchange Server:

On one operating system regular file-level or disk-level backups and Microsoft Exchange Server backup tasks are always queued and performed one by one by the service_process.exe process.

The tasks cannot be run simultaneously.


Register the MAPI PST service by using either the MFCMAPI tool (go to Profile -> Advanced profile -> Add services to MAPISVC.INF... and select PST) or Mergeini.exe